Technical Marine Supply:

Baltrader Ltd. Marine Supply Worldwide offer ship-owners, technical superintendents, managers,
operators, ship agents and ship management companies with a full range of technical supply items. All products are delivered prompt, smoothly
and within high quality standards.

Stay comfortable and relaxed on the sea, Baltrader Marine offers superior comfort and support.

Deck & Engine stores:

Our customers can finde from us the right tools for the job: when something needs repairing, you can get the proper tools in the desired quality from us, such as hammers, seals, screws, brushes.

Also we offer mooring & wire ropes, Pilot ladders, Manila ropes, lifting & lashing, screws, brushes, tarpaulins, Evac spare parts, vacuum system, cleaning marine chemical, marine insulation and insulation mattresses, engine spare parts, valves, hoses, pumps, BLÜCHER vacuum system pipes, filters, lamps, led, flanges, ball bearings, lubricants, fire blankets, nautical equipment, aluminium & Zn anodes, fenders, anchor, chain, link, welding, electrical equipments, packing materials and so on.

Gallery & Cabin stores:

We provide all the necessary items for galleys and cabins to ensure a well-equipped kitchen. From pillows to bedsheets, pots to pans and so on. Medicines and medical equipment.

Technical Services:

  • Marine Insulation: produce, measurement, dismantling, installation
  • Delivery of spare parts on board on behalf of ship-owners
  • Vacuum pipe cleaning, vacuum pipes
  • Windows: produce, measurement, dismantling, installation
  • Welding works


Made to the very highest standards and designed to work within the toughest marine conditions...

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