The Baltrader Ltd. Marine Supply Worldwide company is the official representative of the marine chemicals company Biotal Marine , we are constantly updating our experience and effective solutions for our clients on ships.

Biotal Marine has over 34 years experience in the development and application of specialised products for the marine industry.

We have worked  closely with ship owners and OEMs to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the problems faced by the industry and as a result our high-performance,  application-specific products achieve a level of effectiveness and consistent results previously unseen in the marine sector.

We deliberately do not have a broad range of chemicals and also don’t supply sealants, gasses, welding consumables etc, so that we can focus on environmentally-responsible, high-quality chemical and biological products that make a significant difference.

Our product range is compact and specialised and we can respond to market trends and customer needs.  We have both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

As the majority of our products are non-hazardous, they can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively anywhere in the world using existing global couriers and therefore multiple stocking points are not required: the cost of these infrastructures in competing companies is eventually borne by the customer.

In summary, we are a unique combination of deep understanding of the marine industry, extensive biological product expertise and knowledge in the use and practical applications of Eco-benign chemistry.

Our products for:

Black and Grey Water Systems

Treatment or handling of black and grey water on board ships is becoming increasingly necessary as the requirements of MARPOL Annex IV have come into force, and this area is also constantly being revised. All ships have to have some facilities to handle sewage, and we offer biological products to keep these performing at optimum levels.

Even something as innocuous as a locally sourced chemical toilet cleaner can have a negative effect on the sewage plant, and we offer multi-purpose alternatives that can clean toilets, have a positive effect on scale in the pipework and augment the sewage treatment process.

Collection of black and grey water also generates specific problems such as blockages, odours and corrosion, and we have problem solving products targeted at these areas.

Engine Room Cleaning

Removing dirt and other soils in the engine room is a serious challenge. Traditionally, ‘heavy’ chemistry has been used to solve the problems, such as solvents, heavy duty surfactants and acids, but we are now starting to understand that such materials can have a negative effect on the overall compliance of the ship.

For example engine room cleaners that cause emulsion of bilge water and oily waste can increase the amount of oily waste retained on board, or excessive use of acids for black water descaling can have a negative effect on the operation of the sewage treatment plant.

Biotal Marine products all offer a demonstrative performance, safety or environmental benefit and in many cases, an overall cost saving for the user.